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Why:  It is the goal of CDGS to evaluate each player within the league each year, Minor B division and up.  Why CDGS invests so much time into this process is so we may evaluate the mechanics and skill level of the player which:

(1) Provides the coaches an insight as to what team and player goals may be set for the season, and also informs the coach on what skills an individual player excels at or what skill that play could use some improvement.

(2) Provides a rank of each player during team selection and the player draft process that is required within CDGS per Little League.  The rank of each player through evlauation allows CDGS to form balanced teams.

(3) The rank of each player allows CDGS to make a fair and subjective decision on moving any player into the next division if they are still eligible for a current division based upon age.


What: The evaluation process has been developed over many years and the rankings do speak for themselves.  What CDGS is focusing on during the evaluations are the core mechanics and these are great indicators to identify the players skill level.  How we identify the skill level is by:

(1) Points are given fore each individual core mechanic indicator in the skill of: Hitting, Infield, Catching, Throwing, Outfield (higher divisions)

(2) The points are then averaged for an overall score or rank

(3) The goal is to have 2 (or more) evaluators grading each skill and keep them consitent

(4) Notes may also be provided by the evaluator that may be helpfult to the coach or capture something of the player taht may no show up in a number alone.


Items to Bring:

(1) Excellent attitude

(2) Giving your best / 100%

(2) Glove, see FAQ on glove selection

(3) Bat, this is optional as we will have some available

(4) Gym shoes, we are indoors during evaluation so no cleats, boots, etc.

(5) Water only allowed in the fieldhouse


Extra info:

(1) This is not a tryout

(2) Not being a tryout should have less pressure, so be loose

(3) It takes practice and time to develop mechanics and skills in the game of softball

Draft/General - Evaluations:  This is a general evaluation based on the skill set of throwing, catching, fielding and hitting (as needed).  This evaluation allows for the ranking of each player that used during team selection.

It is difficult to make anything mandatory and every opportunity will be made each year to offer at least two evaluation days. If a player cannot make the evaluation they will be given a rank of an average player during team selection.

We highly encourage every player to make the evaluation day as it provides them exposure to a "try-out like" environment that they will likely experience again in their softball career. 

Dual Roster/Division Move Up or Down - Evaluations:  The evaluation is more involved in evaluating the players skills than the Draft/General evaluation.  This evaluation is for any player that is interested in Dual Roster (Major and Jr Divisions) or moving up or down a division and is required for consideration.

The reason for this in-depth evaluation is that CDGS would like to ensure that the player will: (1) be safe at a higher or lower division (2) is skilled to meet the demands of  dual roster or a higher/lower division.

The player is evaluated and the Player Agent presents the results to the board for final review and decision.  Discussion with the player and parent likely occurs to understand the goal of dual roster or division move.