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How to choose a glove:

This can be difficult but is a very important part of softball for the player's development and safety.  Too small or too large and this makes it difficult to learn and enjoy the game.

Importatnt factors to consider:

(1) Please do not purchase a glove that is too small or too large

(2) Grab a regulation softball (typically those large yellow things) and place it in the mit.  Do not use a baseball.  11" for 10 and under, 12" for 11 and over.

(3) If the softball does not fit in the glove web/pocket its probably too small

(4) Young players don't all yet realize that they are to squeeze/close the mit during the cataching process.

(5) It is tough for small players/hands, so try to get one with a wrist strap.  


(6) If it does not stay on the players hand or is too heavy to hold up it may be a bit to big


(7) We do not endorse any website, but justgloves.com has a free return policy and even if you do not like the mit over a period of time you can return it for free.  You can try a few out at one time and return the few that did not work out.


Note: Even if it the glove fits perfect, it is suggested not to purchase those small plastic like T-ball gloves for the young ones.  These will not be large enough.  They have to try and catch an 11" softball, so don't have them do this with too small of a glove.  You may have no choice because of availalbilty and your players size, but do consider the size of the glove during selection.


How to choose a bat:

This can be a bit challenging but most of the time an expensive endeavour.

Remember, the player has to make contact with the ball for the bat to work, so most of the time it is the player and not the bat in softball.

Please do not go to too long and/or heavy thinking the player will grow into the bat, especially at the younger age groups of around 11 and under.  Having a younger player choke-up is not easy and too heavy or long will affect their development.


If new or younger, you can wait and talk to the coach a the start of the season, try a few out at practices, and then make a decision on size and length.  There are not many deals during the start of the season.

A few pointers to get in the size range:

(1) In general the bat should come up to the players wirst (about waist) when placed by their side.  This can typically apply if the player is not very tall or really started growing vertical which can occur anywhere between age 10 to 13.

(2) In the non-dominant hand the player should be able to hold the bat straight out, with a straight arm, and hold it there for at least 10 seconds.