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For non-high school players it is a secondary program offered to those  that would like additional games typically in a tournament setting along with more practice and working the fundamentals.

All players not in High School must still participate in their local Little League Program.  ECLIPSE is outside of the Little League program (in addition to) and will not interfere with its schedule.

Little League has much to provide to CDGS, there is good structure, teams to compete against, and their All-Star tournaments to advance is something to achieve and strive for as League but can many times be overlooked by many.

One of the goals of CDGS ECLIPSE is keep costs reasonable!

How many tournaments, games, practices?

ECLIPSE is in its infancy and players are needed to keep the program thriving. 

The numbers below may vary based on weather, time, availability, etc.

Last season the 14U ECLIPSE Division participated in 3 tournaments and roughly 30 practices.
Little League participated in 16 games, 1 metro tournament, 1 all-star tournament and roughly 18 practices

Therefore, a 3/4 season this year (not including Fall) for an  ECLIPSE player = 36 Games and 48 practices